Medium Sucks (Sometimes), But Here’s How to Improve it

Product analysis and a bunch of experiments to make Medium a better place for readers and authors.

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Home Page is Mostly Irrelevant

The Hidden Gem

The Unbearable Dormancy of the Reading List

I have read hundreds, if not thousands of articles on Medium but I have rarely used the inherent bookmark feature of Medium. A chronological list of all articles that you have bookmarked makes absolutely no sense. It is equivalent to taking notes on History, Geography, Mathematics and Science in the same notebook and then figuring out how the heck did the formula for Moment of Inertia follow the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Ahhh, maybe it’s not entirely irrelevant. But you get the point.

The Medium Membership

Medium membership is great. There is definitely value in paying for high-quality content and actually contributing to the hard work of authors. I am all for it. However, purely from a product perspective, I feel like the conversion from a random person who discovers an article on Google search to a paying customer could get a little smoother.

The Medium Partner Program

Medium has done so much good for authors and content creators to take control of their own content. The quality of content, like I’ve mentioned before, is undeniable. But still with all those benefits, Medium has completely left out the entire developing world. Medium could have quadruple its growth if authors from the developing world got an opportunity to earn a buck or two from this magnificent platform.

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