You can never get it wrong if you are motivated.

Weightloss — No Right Way to do it

All we need is the right motivation.

Let’s first look at Weightloss

No wonder everyday a new formula for improving your metabolism emerges from the dead. Yet another delicious healthy recipe recreates itself. An instant fat burning workout surfaces from hiding. And we try it all out. That is all we do, try. Is that enough? Trying out a new recipe, workout and then going back to your old habits is pretty much common to all of us. There’s only one problem with all of this. The lack of motivation.

My Story of Weightloss

So, let’s move on to how I motivated myself to remove the excess flab from my body, get on a regular workout schedule and manufacture the perfect diet for me. A little background here, I have been an athlete all through college, so it was easy for me to get back to the physical stress. However, I have never done any kind of strict dieting and once college was over, it started showing around my body.

The Week After the Fortnight

For most people, a fortnight of rigorous dieting and workout can be easily accomplished. So, it did for me. The next 7 days I faced were the toughest. Always remember the 21st day on your timeline of doing something new. This is where your new thing becomes a habit. However, the last 7 days to this milestone is nothing less than climbing Mt. Everest without the oxygen cylinder. I had gone two weeks of workout and dieting and haven’t touched any of my vulnerabilities. It was time to endure this pain one day at a time. I made sure I don’t glance at my favorite restaurants on my way home. I tried not to hang out with your friends who would force me into submission. I even kept those restaurant menus lying around the house hidden as remotely as possible.

I lost 7 pounds at the end of the first month.

Even though I had a few fatigued muscles and a desperate stomach, it all felt worth it. It sparked a never ending flame for excellence and brought me at the cusp of achieving my goal.

Pick your own routine

I haven’t mentioned any of the exercise routines I followed or the diet. Everyone has their own pace and preferences and it’s better that you personalize the experience that suits you. You will find a plethora of articles on how to do so. What I covered was that vital part where your desire of losing weight becomes a long lasting habit. It will propel you towards more joy, adventure and satisfaction.

Remember your happy place

Last but not the least, it is very important to go to your happy place whenever you can’t take another step on the treadmill or can’t eat a dull salad. Just close your eyes at that moment, and imagine you happy place.

My happy place

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